Dubai based artist born in Cairo, Egypt in 1989, Mohamed Essawy, has been inspired by the idea of sparking thoughts & emotions in people through creativity.


From a young age, Mohamed has been drawing and sketching the world through his eyes, inspired by his dreams, desires, and the beauty around him. Consumed in a world of social and cultural acceptance, where holding a briefcase is more important than a paint brush, his creative expression was subdued. Pushing forward to 2019, this creative suppression had finally erupted on canvas where he is experimenting with abstraction and controversial pop art. He was born an artist but has only been truly able to embrace his talents later in life. Mohamed aims to unleash the creativity in all of us, by offering a collaboration opportunity for custom artwork as part of his portfolio.

His aspiration for his artwork is to stimulate both audio and visual sensation for his audience. As an up-coming music producer, he has combined both his passions: to create beauty through brush strokes, as well as through beats.